Project overview

Our study evaluated the effectiveness of an intervention programme which supported teenagers’ knowledge of academic, cross-curriculum words.

We worked with 35 teenagers aged between 12 and 14 years who were identified by teachers as being at risk of educational underachievement. They completed our  bespoke outcome measure (the Word Knowledge Profile), which measured their knowledge of 10 cross-curriculum words (e.g. ‘summarise’) and 10 matched words (words of a similar length and frequency).

The group of teenagers then received a ten-week intervention programme which supported them to learn these 10 cross-curriculum words. The intervention programme was delivered to small groups of up to five teenagers at a time. Our session plans are provided free for others to use. After the intervention programme, teenagers made significant progress in their knowledge of the taught words.

We are currently writing up the project into a journal article. Once it is published, we will put a link to the paper on this website.

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